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カナダ留学だより ウイニペグ4月②
Hi! This is Hana, from Winnipeg🍁

The daily temperature has been around 15 degrees. It feels very comfortable.

I joined Asian Heritage Club this month. We are doing research and learning about Asian events and culture in this club. Most of the students and teachers in the club are Filipino. May will be Asian Heritage month. We are discussing about that these days. We are going to introduce some countries’ events or culture at morning announcements. I would be happy if everyone knew more about Asian and Japanese culture.

We have TA class every Wednesday. It is same as HR in Japan. We always talk about universities, careers, and how to study and so on. But this week, students in the class from the Philippines and India talked about their countries. We discussed various topics such as famous foods, festivals, and differences from Canada. The topics about each country were very interesting, and even though I was in Canada, I could learn more about other countries. Once again, there are more opportunities for people to learn about Japan and Shizuoka.


4月に、Asian Heritage Club に参加しました。Asian Heritage Clubでは、アジアの国のイベントやお祭りなどを研究しています。先生も生徒もフィリピン人が多く、日本人の私は珍しいようです。5月はAsian Heritage Monthです。そのために、今みんなで話し合いを進めています。まずは朝の放送で、アジアの国の紹介をしたり、お祭りを紹介したりと、アジアに興味関心を持ってもらえるように考えています。日本の事も、もっともっと沢山の人に紹介出来たらと思います。

The annual PEP RALLY was held last week. The first time was November during Spirit Week. Same as last time, all the teachers and students gathered in the gym. We turned off the lights, and we got neon lights in the dark and danced! At the end of the party, we had introductions of club activities. Each club member introduced about what they doing and some sports clubs’ achievements such as competitions. That day was also Whiteout Day, so everyone, including the teacher, wore white clothes. The term Whiteout Day is said to have originated in 1987, when hockey fans in Winnipeg began wearing white to games.

年に2回開催されるPEP RALLYが、先日行われました。1度目は11月のSpirit Week の水曜日でした。今回も前回と同じように、全校生徒が体育館に集まり、電気を消し、暗い中でネオンライトを持ち音楽に合わせて踊りました。また会の後半では、部活動の活動内容や実績などの紹介をしました。その日はWhiteoutDayでもあり、先生を含め全員が白い服を着てきました。カナダでは、先生達も生徒と一緒に踊ったり、全員が同じ色の服を着たりと、とても団結の強い国の印象を受けます。
Whiteout day の由来となったのは、1987年にウィニペグのホッキーファンが、試合に白い服を着てくるようになったことが始まりだと言われています。
On the weekends, we often go and hang out with friends. This weekend, we went out to downtown. Downtown Winnipeg has many high-rise buildings, like skyscrapers and many kinds of shops. It is also home to the Manitoba Legislature and is a central location in Winnipeg. It is the largest city in Manitoba and is also a beautiful city with great nature. It is a little far from where I live, about an hour by bus.

There are 2 months left in my Canadian life. I want to take on many challenges until the end so that I have no regrets and nothing left undone. I will live each day full of gratitude.

See you soon♪



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